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“We either get success or lessons. If we learn our lessons, we get both.”―Anodea Judith

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Ep36: A GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) is Mentally Strong

Ep37: Be Indispensable

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I often tell people that technical skills (knowledge, skills, abilities) for business success is only the tip of the iceberg.

If we took an honest look into the world of a successful person...

we would humbly recognize the vast invisible world -- of the characteristics, traits, beliefs, mindset, level of self-esteem, that made them a success in business, sports, relationships, being a human being.

When Novak Djokovic (in gif above) was asked "what does it mean to be mentally strong?" and he said, "mental strength is mental presence."

In Episode 36, we explore how the invisible trait of mental presence is the superpower that made Novak Djokovic the GOAT in tennis (greatest of all time).

Novak said that when he's in present time, he's full of potent power to focus and respond to the moment in front of him.

If he's being destroyed by his mind, his game sucks.

This is why technical skills cannot outsmart the mind.

Djokovic has all the technical skills in the world to be the GOAT in tennis. We know that.

But if he's being destroyed by his mind on the court - angry about a missed shot (past) or anxious to miss his serve (future) -- he sucks.

When you're:

  • distracted,
  • ruminating about the woes and sorrows of the past,
  • overthinking negative possibilities of the future,
  • rambling to yourself disempowering stories,
  • believing your own negative truth,

Your lifeforce is being sucked out of you. Your power is leaving your body. You are not here.

The ONLY THING to get out of the destroying mind is to relentlessly practice being in PRESENT TIME.

Sorry, western medicine and sorry western business strategies, you cannot help us get there.

The only way is through it. To go on a Quest. An adventure. A spiritual journey. Towards being a person who chooses to live in the present moment.

The more you're in present time, the bigger the achievements you'll reach.

Why? Because you have authority over your mind. Authority over your ego. Authority over your thoughts...

And what do you get?!

You'll start winning.

You'll start attracting opportunities effortlessly.

You'll start creating work with clear purpose.

You'll start feeling good. Really fucking good.

Two steps to becoming Present:

  1. First you must: get rid of distractions.
  2. Then you must: practice quieting the mind.


Choose one for today, Saturday.

Get rid of distractions

1. Don't look at your phone when you drive. Too many of us have the bad habit of grabbing the phone at a stop light. Scrolling texts, social media, or constantly changing music -- when we're driving. For today, why not put on a playlist and then leave your phone alone for the entire duration of your trip? See what happens.

2. Spend 2-hours without your phone or technology. Simply cook, go for a run, clean the house, read, write, whatever. For two straight hours. Turn off your phone or put it away on a charger in your room. Check the clock to see what time you can go back to your phone. Then LEAVE. IT. ALONE. See what happens.

Practice quieting the mind

3. Spend 20 minutes in meditation. You can youtube a guided meditation with Dr. Joe Dispenza or Abraham Hicks or Wayne Dyer, or anyone you enjoy listening to. Simple sit down, close your eyes, and allow yourself to have a moment going inward.

4. Drink your solids, chew your liquids. This ancient Chinese is all about the intention of chewing your food into liquid form, or chewing your liquids like water or smoothies before swallowing. This mindful eating practice will bring you into your body.

5. Feet on the floor. In acupuncture, Kidney Point 1 is the only acupuncture point at the bottom of your feet (it is the grounding, life force pont). Before a business call or during a moment where you want to be fully present with your attention, put your feet firmly on the floor. Push your feet down for a few seconds, and take a few breaths.

BE. HERE. NOW. and simply observe what changes in your awareness, in your psyche, in your communication, in your behaviors and responses to the world.


The next two months of the year is your time to get ready to make a big, positive change in your business or life in 2024.

  • Now is the time to plant seeds.
  • Now is the time to build a new project or new plan.
  • Now is the time to get ready so that you can make that big change in 2024.

I know many of you have incredibly important goals for yourself:

  • Grow your business to 6figures +++
  • Work way less -- 4 hour days? 4 hour weeks??
  • Expand your business -- new locations, bigger team, wider impact
  • Succeed as a thought leader -- speak on stages, grow your SM following, be a leading podcaster
  • Pursue passion projects -- write a book, start a podcast, buy a Football club (lol my client did this)
  • Seriously don't make me name what you want -- what do you want?!?! DROP ME AN EMAIL PLEASE! TELL ME!!!

I want you to get everything you want and more.

I'm calling you in if you're ready to make an investment in your growth and business success right now.

I've coached hundreds of 6-9 figure Founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs from over 35 countries to do what most people only dream of.

You know it's the right time. You know this is the moment to kick in high gear.

Let's coach together.

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Coaching exercise


Pick one of the Four Tools that you're committed to doing today:

1. Don't look at your phone when you drive

2. Spend 2-hours without your phone or technology

3. Spend 20 minutes in meditation

Dr. Joe Dispenza or Abraham Hicks or Wayne Dyer

4. Drink your solids, chew your liquids

5. Feet on the floor

Please email me at to let me know 1) what's your big big goal you're wanting for the end of the year or 2024? and 2) which Presence Practice are you gonna do?!

Listen to Ep37: Be Indispensable


I hope you got a lot from today's email and this week's podcast episodes.

Thank you for your precious time in joining me this morning and I'll see you on the podcast this week -- and via email next Saturday.

I love you. Let's go.

xx Tracey


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