How to Achieve Location Independence

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I'd love for you to take a few minutes to enjoy this article. To connect to yourself, get inspired by new thoughts and ideas, and feel fired up to live your absolute wildest dreams (on your terms).



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Do you dream about doing what you love, from anywhere in the world?

Does your heart and soul feel called to be location independent?!

When I was 22 years old and living in Washington, DC, I already wanted to be location independent.

The reason was simple: my family lived in different states and I only had three weeks vacation.

  • I wanted to visit my Mom or sister for a week just for fun,
  • I wanted to be there for all the holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, summer holidays on Cape Cod
  • I wanted to go on trips with my friends to Morocco and Spain and Ireland and London

In general, I just wanted to go.  I didn't want to be told NO (stay in your office Mon-Fri) and allow it to have me miss out on my life.

I wanted to work from anywhere.

Well, fast forward 15 years, the amazing thing is, as I write this email to you from the Caribbean, I AM LOCATION INDEPENDENT!!! (someone tell my younger Self please) lol


In three years, from 2016-2019, my husband Chris and I went from two corporate jobs to a full-time business that paid all our bills.

We built a business from scratch, hustled with consulting work, and are now doing exceptionally well day-trading. How we made money evolved, but it all started because we got started.


Hear me out.

Napoleon Hill said in his infamous book Think and Grow Rich, "Man's only limitation, within reason, lies in his development and use of his imagination."

If you're wanting location independence, the ONE thing it's going to take is the development and use of your imagination.

Remember from my last email? Your Actions will follow your Ideas.

That is the universal law. Energy before matter.

You may have a job where you need to show up at a physical location. That's your current reality.

However, I will challenge you to say IF, deep down in your heart and soul, you'd love to live and work from anywhere in the world -- then let's rekindle your imagination.

I've coached some incredible people in quote location-dependent jobs, tapped into their imagination, and created their own business venture out of it.

These people have been nurses and doctors, teachers, yoga and gym instructors, who all decided that they weren't going to spend the next 40 years in the same town at the same building... they wanted FREEDOM.

And they did it.

The benefits of being location-independent for me have been huge. I get to:

1. Live in my ideal climate (Curacao has perpetual 12-hour SUNSHINE, shorts & t-shirts year round)

2. Be around like-minded people / your tribe (I actually have FRIENDS again.. it's been years)

3. Reduce your taxes (we pay 0% right now, legally)

4. Increased business opportunities (being international has been a wildly net-positive for my business reputation)

5. Raise your kids as you want (I'll do an episode on this soon)

6. I can take a vacation when I want, work from wherever I want, visit family and friends whenever I want... just have that time freedom that I crave.

Chris and I ranked our top priorities in where we live and they include:

1. Freedom

2. Access to an Acton Academy / Education for our kids

3. Taxes and financial implications

Freedom was especially important given the effects of the pandemic.

We will not lockdown again, wear masks ever again, put masks on our kids or have them around teachers with masks, get a covid vaccine (or 10 boosters), or live around people with this lifestyle approach.

If ya'll know me, you know me... I cannot be pressured to do anything that isn't true for me. If it doesn't pass my psychic, intuition, or gut instincts, then it doesn't pass.

OK well I can be pressured a little... to comply with government immigration bureaucracy ;)

Whilst I think deep down everyone wants freedom, to act on bringing your dream into reality takes guts, trust, perseverance, honesty with oneself, and an ability to deal with A LOT OF GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRACY lol

I can't tell you how many times visa's, immigration office visits, paperwork, dealing with different languages, not knowing all the laws -- nearly broke us.

You should make sure you've got support. Someone you can lean on in the hard times and someone to cheer you on towards your goal.

I've learned a lot in these last three years and more on what it takes on all ends to build a location independent business and lifestyle, and I'd be happy to help as many people as possible live their version of the dream.

Don't wait or put this off into the future.

If you get started today, in six months from now your imagination and ideas will start to turn into a real plan.

That real plan is something you can act on. And one day, you and I will be celebrating in the Caribbean together...completely and utterly free :)

Please email me at and let me know if you're interested in becoming location independent. Or if you're location independent already, how's it going?!

Thank you for your precious time in joining me this morning and I'll see you on the podcast this week -- and via email next Saturday.

xx Tracey


Co-Founder and International Coach at Liv.Lit! Coaching and Training

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