Want Holy F*** Life Changing Breakthroughs?!

“I am realistic – I expect miracles.”― Wayne W. Dyer

I'd love for you to take a few minutes immersed in the contents of this email; to connect to yourself, get inspired by new thoughts and ideas, and feel fired up to live your absolute wildest dreams (on your terms).



Ep18: A Child Is A Catalyst to Living Your Dream Life

Ep19: Your Story Creates Limits or Limitlessness

Ep20: Train Yourself To Not Need Proof

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I had an absolutely insane breakthrough in my car yesterday. So big I actually started screaming and holding my mouth AS I SCREAMED.

I texted my husband Chris a barely legible message with a lot of explosion emojis, and kept screaming till I reached the beach.

The breakthrough hit me like a train. Shattered my old worldview. And brought me into a new one, instantly.


It happened because I expect miracles. I am ready to receive insane hits like this. And am wondering...

Do you want some of this in your life? :)

I know you crave financial freedom and time freedom so you can do what you want, when you want.

Which means your breakthroughs MUST be insane. They MUST be life changing.

Take a look at this:

The Invisible - (comes before) - The Visible

Energy (Nonphysical) -->  Matter (Physical)

Thought --> Thing

Breakthrough (Realization) --> Action

Desire --> Manifestation

Intention --> Result

Absolutely everything in your life was in the energy realm before it became matter. Absolutely everything.

  • What happens today in your energy world (the kinds of ideas, realizations, feelings, imagination, vision, intuition you experience), will determine
  • What you create and bring into your physical world (through your actions, choices, decisions, nondecisions, nonaction).

That's it.

Today, I'd like to help you initiate a Breakthrough (Realization) that can actually help change, enhance, grow, expand your life.

Breakthrough (Realization) --> Action

So get yourself over to:

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Open the app and have fun listening to one podcast episode as you:

  • take a walk or
  • drive to the store
  • or cook breakfast.

Start Here: Train Yourself to Not Need Proof

The episode that launched today is all about how to train yourself to not need proof. How nothing in life is going to be 100% guaranteed, 100% bulletproof, 100% money back guaranteed (especially in the government is implementing it).

We are brought up being taught to have proof before taking action. Yet, all the big stuff happens in the energy realm. Precisely when you don't have proof is often when you need to make the choice, or decision, or leap of faith.

If you're feeling stuck, have a listen to that one.

Or feel free to sift through the episodes and find one that is appealing to you.


Do. Something.

As you listen to the episode, all yourself to have a breakthrough. It can be a small breakthrough or a big BREAKTHROUGH -- you'll know the difference.

When that breakthrough or realization clicks in for you, let it marinate. Let it sink in. It's working it's way through our old thoughts and habits -- it needs time to be digested.

You can do this by writing it down or speaking it out loud with someone (or yourself), however you tend to process breakthroughs.

Then, seriously, take a small action step.

What's one thing you can do to bring that breakthrough to life? Bring it into your reality in some way? Continue to grow it and make it real?

That is how transformation will happen in your life. Big results. Fulfillment. Money. Change. Growth. All the stuff you want -- will come from going from...

Breakthrough --> Action

Breakthrough --> Action


Please email me at tracey@livlitceo.com and let me know which podcast episode you listened to, what your breakthrough was, and what action you will take. I truly love hearing from you and I read and respond personally to every email.

Thank you for your precious time in joining me this morning and I'll see you on the podcast this week -- and via email next Saturday.

xx Tracey


Co-Founder and International Coach at Liv.Lit! Coaching and Training

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