Favorite books of 2023

The books we read each year are an reflection of what was capturing our attention, what we were craving, what our questions were, and where our interests lay.

In 2023 I read a number of great books – and am sharing 5 books that have left a particular mark on my mind and soul and life this year.

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Favorite Books of 2023


Candice Millard

“Each time Teddy Roosevelt faced personal tragedy or weakness, he found his strength not in the sympathy of others, but in the harsh ordeal of unfamiliar new challenges and lonely adventure.”

Author Candice Millard brings you smack into the center of this unbelievable true story of Teddy Roosevelt, Brazilian co-commander Colonial Candido Rondon, and a small team of men that dared to venture down the unexplored Rio da Dúvida (river of doubt) in the Brazilian Amazon. Candice was a former writer and editor of National Geographic and brought rich information on the Amazon’s wildlife, vegetation, topography, tribes, and geography.

I love true life stories of heroism, survival and leadership. It keeps my reality in check, that yes, life is grueling and my minor ‘discomforts’ and ‘problems’ are really no problem at all. It also gets me to begin imagining going on an adventure of my own that would test my strength, tenacity, and character. Climb Machu Picchu in Peru in 2024, perhaps?

The River of Doubt was so good that I immediately downloaded Candice’s other two books to read in 2024; Destiny of a Republic and River of Gods to read in 2024.


Esther Perel

I absolutely ravaged through Esther Perel’s book Mating in Captivity. As a 37 year old female, married now seven-years, mother to two young boys, I found myself with a changing body, changing mind, a high sex drive, and a lot of questions.

I never explored (or was taught) much about sex, erotica, marriage, non/monogamy, long-term relationship satisfaction, and how the heck to make it all work. Especially when it inevitably changes.

Esther’s non-judging words: 1) validated many of my experiences and beliefs and needs in the sexual and marriage arena, 2) called me out on my patterns of behavior that were keeping my sexual growth stuck in the past, and 3) firmly gave me my power back to do something about what I wanted and needed – no need to wait for anyone to change but me.

If you’re in any of these places in your life, I highly recommend you give this book a read.


Ram Dass

“We are all just walking each other home.”

Wow, when I read this quote from the book Be Here Now by Ram Dass it gave me a literal hold f*** mind explosion. "We are all just walking each other home." Yes, I said to myself. And from that moment on, it awakened a whole way that I walked in the world.

Think about it, in the end -- you are just walking your clients home. You are just walking your kids home. You are just walking your friends home. You are just walking every single person, animal and living form – home.  

This book reminds us to be here now – to be present. To get our eyes off the past. To get our eyes off the future. To stop splitting our energy and forgetting that the whole point of life is to do our best to walk each other home - whoever those people are in our life. It is truly timeless. And humbling.


Jon Meacham

Ok ok, let's start a revolution -- get off Instagram and TikTok this year and instead, fill your mind with a character of true greatness. And There Was Light: Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle by Jon Meacham brings you into the world of Lincoln and how, with no education and a truly awful childhood, he got up after each brutal failure, became president of the United States, and changed the world. I read the book trying to understand who Lincoln was, rather than what he did. What his character was like, his mind, his heartbreaking inner struggles, and how with zero likelihood of succeeding – he did.


Deepak Chopra

“A metahuman is someone whose personality is based on higher values; not just peak experiences, but love and self-worth.” - Deepak Chopra

Many of us crave to be reminded over and over that we have a soul and that our vast inner world is far more real than our reality. To be reminded of our truth and that the world has infinite potentials for us to experience. In Metahuman, Deepak Chopra brings his decades upon decades of medical and spiritual genius and downloads it into this beautiful book. Get ready to be jolted out of your automatic, intellectual mind – and step back into the transformative world of wonder, discovery, ecstasy, freedom, love, and self-worth. You will expand your spiritual growth this year and in turn, create more success, bliss, and joy in your business and life.

Check out my podcast episode 31:  "Start reading to attract money, ideas, opportunities"

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P.P.S. Check out my podcast episode 31:  "Start reading to attract money, ideas, opportunities"

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