April is calling us into creation, not withdrawal

So many of you - including me - have taken the last 3-12 months to slow down business activities.

You may have slowed down with taking on so many clients or writing content or creating new offers or socializing or... fill in the blank.

Whatever you've slowed down - it was all for a higher purpose.


April is THE time to step into a resurgence of creation in your business.

It is not a time to stay in slow-down mode anymore.

I know you slowed down in business for one of two reasons:

  1. You've had shifting needs and priorities in your personal life; your health or kids or relationships with family and friends, and/or
  2. You've felt a loss of passion or ambition with what you were previously doing in business.

The slowdown has been and will be very important to how you step forward...

AND, April is your time to feel that spark and be in a state of creation once again.

Why is it harmful to stay in slow-down mode for too long?

The main reason on a soul and energetic level is: if you don't continue to use and nurture and deliver your gifts, they will lose their strength and potency.

You will have been living so removed from living in your gifts that you no longer are operating at that higher altitude place you had reached before.

I'm not saying that you can't get back to that higher altitude of success, power, money, impact and growth -- you absolutely can.

It is just important to realize that you need to continuously be in your gifts to nurture them and remain at that high vibration.

High vibration and powerful gifts = success and soul purpose.

If you've paused for too long, you will need a ton of power to start your engines again before you can attempt to create at the level you're capable of.

April is the time to surge into creation

If you are feeling called deep within your soul to "get back at it", to start creating, to start launching rockets of desire, to get going on the next journey of delivering your business and gifts into the world...

April is 100% the time for you to do that. April is calling you back into the arena. April is asking you to spring forward.

Let's go into clearing whatever is still holding you in place so that you can have the confidence, ambition and excitement to launch forward in April.

You can now book a single coaching session with me

I've done a lot of soul-searching in the last 6-12 months and have decided to offer one-off coaching sessions for the foreseeable future.

I have also decided to opt out of the game of high-ticket coaching offers. Happy to share why if you're curious.

More and more people have been asking me for one-off sessions, so I wanted to bring that offer to you all.


You can book a single 1-hour coaching session at a special rate of $350/hr.

If you want a ton more support, for just $500, you can get the 60-minute session, PLUS one week of private Voxer chat with me, setting intentions worksheets, and session notes.

Book your session for April and I'll send you an email with all the details to follow.

Book your session!

Do you really want deep in your heart and soul to have that surge of energy for creation in your business this April?!

To see all the wins and celebrations and opportunities flowing in?

I hope to see you on a call in April.

Have a wonderful week! xx



Private Coach and Facilitator, Tracey Liv Coaching

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