3 Big Business Announcements for 2024!

                                                                   For the audacious entrepreneur building a business and life on their terms.

Hello and welcome to 2024! I have so many things to share with you...!

First, I am feeling energized, refreshed and excited about the clean slate that the New Year brings. Do you feel the same at the start of a New Year?

I've been intentionally quiet the last few months as I focused on a few key client projects (hello, Switzerland!), on motherhood, and on supporting my husband go full-time with Day Trading.

Life on my terms in 2023 meant pivoting and shifting my typical 40-hour work week and changing how I spent my time as an entrepreneur, mother, wife, and human being.

But yeah, for 2024?? I am craving to step into a new level of my work as a private coach, facilitator, and writer.

Last year I coached some epic people (many of whom came to Curacao for their Immersion Days) to achieve their big dream and check off all their goals they're aiming at.

All of them came to me because they were experiencing the shadow sides of success and life -- ie feeling burnout, overwhelmed, a loss of passion, a loss of self, a major life change such as parenthood --

They got realigned and reinspired by a new vision of business (money, impact, purpose) and life (relationships, health, fun, happiness).

AND they massively challenged their existing beliefs, stories, actions, and choices so that they could change their life.

To all my clients I worked with last year, I am so f**ing proud of you.

Before I get into what this means for you....

I wanted to share a BIG announcement about my coaching business....

Drum roll please.... !

I've rebranded back to my roots -- Goodbye Liv.Lit!, Tracey Liv is back

A few months ago my amazing team (shoutout Arslan Athar!!) was behind the scenes helping me rebrand my business back to my roots... back to Tracey Liv!

Depending on how long you've been with me, I started my coaching business in London in 2017. And named the business after my name: Tracey Liv.

As the vision of the business evolved, I decided to change the name to Liv.Lit! in 2020, however, after all these years, it never felt quite right.

But luckily, in business we can always change things, can't we? Oh the joys of being your boss. So thanks to Arslan and his team I am excited to announce the re-launch of Tracey Liv -- as a boutique and private coaching business for entrepreneurs building a business and life on their terms.

Go ahead and check out my update website traceyliv.com , my email is tracey@traceyliv.com... and all of my branding moving forward will follow suit.

Private coaching in 2024

I might know you very well or I might know you only a little, but as someone part of my network I can infer that you probably want what I want...

a successful business and a life on your terms. You want to:

  • make money doing what you love.
  • grow in your reach and impact.
  • have financial and time freedom to do what you want, when you want.
  • spend time with the people that matter - your partner, kids, family, friends.
  • sleep 8 hours at night and exercise and eat healthy.
  • travel the world and do your hobbies and smile every day.

If you're ready to get to your big dreams and goals faster, easier and with even MORE results then you planned...


In January, I am offering you the chance to have a 90 minute session with me to go into everything:

  • the initial dreams and goals you have in your mind for 2024,
  • what's been getting in the way, and
  • what we can do in the next 3-6 months to get you living a whole new version of success.

This is for you if coaching in 2024 is something you're exploring... and you'd like a complimentary, no-sales,  90-minute intro call with me (typically $399)...

Simply email me at tracey@traceyliv.com to explain why you WANT/NEED/LOVE to speak with me about your dreams, goals, challenges, and 2024 plan.

You have 48 hours to respond.

I am going on a case-by-case basis to select up to five people to have a complimentary call with me.

Thank you again. I am wishing you a New Year full of abundance, freedom, laughter, and a ton of incredible experiences!!

You are capable of big things. The world needs your gifts now. Let's get there together.

Big hugs xx



Private Coach and Facilitator, Tracey Liv Coaching

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